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Meets all your short-term insurance needs as an individual – from a cost and advice perspective. By Design personalised products incorporates traditional...

Anticipating risks can leave you juggling with fate

 The range of risks to which businesses are exposed is extremely diverse and specialised. Trying to anticipate each of these can be...

Professional Indemnity

The world in which professionals operate is one of ever increasing pressure, with demands for quick answers and cost-effective solutions.  That pressure can...

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Welcome to Glenrand M∙I∙B Zimbabwe (Private) Limited’s official website! As you navigate through the different sections of this site you will learn why Glenrand M∙I∙B is one of the top ranking insurance broking companies in Zimbabwe. Our personal, business and specialist services pages explain our expert short-term insurance broking and risk advisory services.  As market leaders, we major in corporate and commercial broking as well as personal lines and specialised risk management. We provide a full Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) capability of high volume policy handling & claims administration.
We maintain ongoing reviews with our clients on the hazards to which they are exposed to and developments in their businesses, to identify any new exposures and to examine alternative methods of handling them. At Glenrand M.I.B, we believe that the most important factors in delivering superior insurance service are;

  • Document turn around within 72 hours
  • Claims settlement within seven days after assessment
  • Risk Management services within 48 hours on request
  • Forming and preserving relationships as we are passionate about serving our clients
  • Leveraging on the expertise of our staff
  • Convenient payment plans and modes such as paying through EcoCash and bank transfers
  • Dealing exclusively with rated insurers.

We are regulated by the Insurance and Pension Funds Commission (IPEC) under the Ministry of Finance. The main statutes applicable to the market are the Insurance Act Chapter 24:07 of 1976 and the Pension & Provident Funds Act Chapter 24:09 of 1976.

Our website will guide you to a whole new level of cover. 

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Cover: In the event of loss or destruction of or damage to the property insured caused by;
a) Fire whether resulting from explosion or otherwise
b) Lighting
The insurers will pay to the insured the value at the time of its...